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Everything You Need to Know About UI

User interface (UI) is the design used for software development of applications or websites, focusing on maximizing usability and the user experience. It is a graphical layout of an app or website which appears to the end-user. Any visual element, animation, or interacting elements come under the job of UI designer.

The main goal of UI design is to make the user's interaction as efficient, user-friendly, and straightforward as possible. The main objective of the designer is to create the look and feel of the application or website that the user would be interacting and make it attractive, visually-stimulating and themed appropriately based on the application's or website's purpose and personality.

The three main elements in designing a website or application are:

  • Research
  • Requirement
  • Procedure

RESEARCH: A UI designer should know what exactly a user needs. There are a few phrases in UI design, depending on the project. Gathering a list of the functionality required by the system to achieve the goals of the project. Advancement of wire-frames, i.e., either in the form of simple interactive screens or paper prototypes. These prototypes help to build all look & feel of elements. In this process, there might arise a few questions like:

  • What exactly the user wants the system to do?
  • How will the system fit in with the user's daily workflow or activities?
  • Is there any similar system that the user is already using?
  • What interface look & feel styles suit the user?

REQUIREMENT: There are few principles to describe the dynamic characteristics of a system.

  • Effectiveness
  • Efficiency
  • Satisfaction
  • Sustainability of task, individualization, and learning
  • Controllability
  • Error tolerance
  • Conformity with user experience


To design a UI for application or website, the designer should keep the interface simple, use of UI elements should be frequent, placement of items in page layout is done carefully to draw the attention to the essential pieces of information. Strategically use texture and color to gain attention and use of typography to create hierarchy and clarity for the user. The use of various UI elements to communicate application or website status and, if necessary, the next steps will reduce frustration for the user.


To provide the user a good user experience in applications or websites, the designer should use appropriate buttons, checkbox, radio button, radio button, text field, list, combo box, menu, dialog box, tabbed pane

UI designers should make sure the visual language they choose fits the type of application they're working on. They're trying to predict user expectations. If your team is designing an app or website, it's essential to do research on how other apps or websites have been developed in the past. Which ones worked adequately and which ones didn't.

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