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We understand about your customers' expectations from your website and so we are in to develop secure, fast and responsive full stack customized web applications that suit to your exact business model and procedures. These customized applications would be more interactive and useful for your customers in all the possible ways you can think of.


Has successfully architected, modeled and delivered Enterprise J2EE based solutions. They have strong database experience in leading RDBMS products such as SQL Server and MySQL, Firebase. Framework driven development enables us to deliver projects on time and within budget with a robust implementation.


AST has successfully worked and delivered web and cloud-based solutions to startups, consultancies, digital agencies, and enterprises since 2015. Our Expertise follows the simpliļ¬ed process provides solutions to all industry segments while ensuring seamless integration and full functionality that exceeds the client's expectation.


Dedicated project strategists to protect your time and budget.

Full transparency throughout the process.

Continuous quality feedback at every phase to meet your quality goals.